Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting airborne, sin topes!!

Construction of the new highway to Morelia's International Airport is plugging along as you can see. Once finished, it will take roughly 20 minutes from MLM to Morelia center.

Right now the old way winds through 2-3 towns with several topes (speed bumps) in each, taking 45 minutes by cab, depending on how daring and reckless your driver is.

These photos were taken in December 2007, near the center of Charro. I believe the highway will start at the Charro exit off of Camelinas, it will cross the old airport road just east of the airport, continuing on and connecting you to the Mexico City-Guadalajara toll road.

Three industrial parks are planned in the area, one in Zinapecuaro, not too far east of the airport, the other is an expansion of the present Ciudad Industrial on the eastern side of Morelia, and the 3rd will be a high tech center in Tres Marias, offering both lower and upper middle class wages.

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