Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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To the right, my truck is parked on the street that leads down from the traffic circle towards Morelia, the connection to the tunnel will be here. To the left of the photo, the mall construction can be seen.

This photo below shows the enormity of the mall, which will encompass close to 90,000 square meters (see gicsa.com.mx). The perimeter road to the right in the photo leads back to my pickup.

It wasn't that easy, but being Easter Sunday, there was very little vigilance in the construction site, so I took the liberty of climbing up inside to get this view of Morelia below. When enlarged, you can see the access road to the right leading up to Tres Marias Golf club. In the foreground, on the far left of the photo, you can see one of the many feral horses that roam these pastures and woods up here. They are as perplexed about what is happening as I am! :)

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Roberto M. said...

Quite interesting.

I am from Morelia, and to be frank I don't know most of these new developments. I have been to Tres Marías but not to Montaña Monarca. To think that I used to go for horse rides around Jesús del Monte! I can't help but think that the poor ecological culture of morelianos will lead to the complete deforestation of the area. Those people in Ichaqueo better watch out.

In any event, it´s good that you are keeping track of the changes in Morelia for us expats.

I am just curious, what do you do in Morelia Ray?

Best regards.