Tuesday, March 4, 2008



This field to the right was one of my favorites up here near Altozano. This photo was taken in Sept 2005 when the "Mirasoles" were in full bloom....Almost looks as if it should be hanging in the Musee d'Orsay.

Monarch Mountain Aug 2007 009

This is how the field looked last fall, after the Government got hold of it. The city decided to use it as a construction area, as they spent months destroying, then rebuilding our main access road into Jesus del Monte. Hopefully the Mirasoles will return, they are almost like weeds up here.


cows in street2

Our road to Jesus Del Monte before the construction began. A little cluttered with pedestrian traffic, but overall, not in too bad a state.




Monarch Mountain Aug 2007 004


For weeks, this is how they left the access road to my home, and no, I do not own a range rover.




Monarch Mountain Aug 2007 002

For many a day, this is how the road looked , or worse, with machines standing idly by while Government officials looked for the money that was "misplaced".




Monarch Mountain Aug 2007 007

One year later, here is the new road, pretty much like the old road, although the septic, drainage, and water pipes below are in much better repair.


Anonymous said...

Que tal Raymnundo,

Yo vivo en Monterrey, pero soy de Michoacan, estoy iniciando mis planes para regresar a a vivir a Morelia, y estoy buscando comprar un lote para construir, he visto algunas opciones ahi en altozano.

¿Sera esta la mejor opción?


Raymundo said...

Hola amigo de Monterrey, en mi opinion, esta zona de Altozano tiene mucho que ofrecer. Si quieres responder con un correo que no sea anonimo, con gusto platicamos de opciones.